SESHealthy250There is growing evidence to suggest that feeding rations of Camelina seed, meal, or oil contributes to superior animal products that are healthier for the human diet.

One recent study found that dietary supplementation with Camelina seed increased the oxidative stability of milk samples in dairy ewes - suggesting that a "grass-silage-based diet supplemented with Camelina seed results in milk of better quality for human consumption."

Cows were fed a supplement containing Camelina oil produced milk that is lower in saturated and trans fatty acids. The same study found an environmentally positive effect: cows fed Camelina produce less methane gas.

Meantime, University of Alberta researchers found that Camelina meal fed to broiler chickens enriches the Omega-3 fatty acid content of the meat.  Feeding higher amounts of Camelina meal to broiler chickens produced breast and thigh meat that was 2x to 4x higher in healthy Omega3-type fatty acids.

"Camelina meal can be efficaciously included in feed to enrich Omega-3 fatty acids content of broiler meat," the researchers from the Poultry Research Centre of the University of Alberta reported.

A Romanian university study found that goats whose feed is supplemented with Camelina produce milk that is healthier for humans.

Camelina oil is also being viewed as a potentially efficient replacement for fish oil in aquaculture.

A Canadian study found that rainbow trout fed Camelina oil as a 100% replacement for fish oil produced more than sufficient amounts of DHA | EPA to meet the World Health Organization's daily requirements for humans.

Additional research suggests that both Camelina oil and Camelina meal are potential replacements of fish meal and oil in aquaculture. This aquaculture research is underway due to pressure on the worldwide supply of fish oil for human consumption.

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